“Working with Josh and Nancy has been a great experience! Thanks a lot for your hard work and attention to detail!”

Originally published by Roberto to Square on March 8, 2016


“Joshua Coffman has demonstrated more integrity than any attorney I have ever had the privilege to work with.”

Originally published to Square by Paula on May 17, 2015


I shopped around for divorce lawyers before I found Mr. Coffman. I actually had hired a more expensive lawyer first, and what a waste of money. Mr. Coffman is not only a great lawyer but a stand-up guy as well. He could easily charge much more for his services; I think that is a true testament to his character. He helped me through a difficult divorce case recently. He has expansive knowledge of family law and was always very honest with me (a great trait in any person, especially a lawyer). He got me everything I wanted and more. He also caught errors that the opposing side made that I don’t think other lawyers would have taken the time to follow through with. He was very helpful in addressing my concerns regarding my situation: shared custody, support, and the division of property. Mr. Coffman fully explained the laws that affected my case in a way I could easily understand. He was very communicative, and he was prompt to respond to questions and concerns I had along the way. I couldn’t have imagined going through this process without him on my side. I am very grateful! I have already recommended him to a couple friends!

Originally published by Whitney to Avvo.com on April 21, 2015


Where do I begin describing what an amazing lawyer Joshua Coffman is? I was referred to him from one of his colleagues. My case was complicated and quite time consuming. Josh didn’t hesitate taking my case on. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and my custody battle was due to wanting to relocate due to her illness. During my case Josh was always responsive and kept me informed of all communications and procedures taking place during the process. My case went on for some time, and Joshua continuously went above and beyond. A relocation case in Williamson County isn’t easy. He did everything in his power to fight for my cause. When my mother got worse he was able to negotiate time for my children to be out of state for an extended period of time to be by her side. He truly cared, even after my case was closed. I contacted him needing his help reviewing legal documents regarding my mother and drawing up additional paperwork for my custody arrangements. He was quick and responsive each time; even met me at the courthouse to ensure all went well, even though he didn’t have to. He truly cared about me and the outcome of the case. I honestly can’t say enough good things with what he has done for me and my family. We still keep in contact as he likes to hear how my family and I are doing — something you don’t get from many lawyers at all! I will never forget what Josh has done for me and my family and how hard he worked my case. He’s one of a kind!

Originally published by Lindsey to Avvo.com on April 20, 2015


No divorce client in the United States could possibly have received a better divorce settlement as there is nothing else I could possible have wanted other than not wanting to have to file for divorce in the first place. I was very pleased with Joshua Coffman’s legal services as I was very emotional during my first visit and remember crying intensely. After getting me a Kleenex box for my tears, Joshua Coffman helped guide me through the complexity of divorce proceedings in a timely, sensible and methodical way. Additionally, Joshua Coffman was available after hours both by phone as well as via text messaging for all those unexpected problems that arise before, as well as leading up to, the final divorce decree hearing. Joshua Coffman regularly kept me up to date and usually responded to text messages within minutes as long as he was not in the courtroom at the time of the text message. Joshua Coffman is truly a life-saver, and he has incredible people skills in addition to an impeccable knowledge of Texas’ legal system.

Originally published by John to Avvo.com on April 19, 2015


Mr. Coffman was my divorce lawyer. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer. It amazed me how young he is, but how smart and caring he was with my case. He stated facts in regards to my case that opened my eyes (which means that I wasn’t informed or did not know of the specifics, and Mr. Coffman made sure to explained it in detail). Mr. Coffman was also very respectful in regards to communicating to my soon-to-be ex-husband, which made it very comforting.

Originally published by Margarita to Avvo.com on April 14, 2015